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About Me

Hi, this is Rossella Pruneti. Nice meeting you.

I am a philosopher (1) mixed and matched to a sport coach (2) and a female competitive bodybuilder (3). 

I work at bridging fitness and personal development.

Does it look like too much?

No, it doesn’t because I teach success where physical, mental, and spiritual fitness meet. By definition you are fit if you meet the required purpose – and it is not me or your partner or the Joneses that give you your standard required purpose. It is YOU! 

So I teach you to be the best You

The reality is most of us do know what is productive and gives us joy, but we don’t do it. We usually spend time on frivolous, crappy stuff that doesn’t create real results – and doesn’t give us joy and let us make money for a worthy service rendered.

I truly believe in living the bodybuilding lifestyle but that is me. I know you may find your purpose in something very different. And I respect it. This is why I help you to select any tool – media – to be physically and mindfully fit.

I enjoy being creative in following my purpose, so that I do my work by translating, creating, and selling all the tools for your success through different media – coaching, training, writing and reading, nutrition, online communities, and so on.

Here is a fun fact about me – as a competitive bodybuilder, I never won a national title, however I was given 3 international prizes for my work in the diffusion of bodybuilding. I am here to help you too.

My company brand is Fitness Media and everything about my purpose takes place at the fitness center De-Luxe Fitness in Bordighera, Italy, or somewhere online.

I would love to connect with you and inspire each other to be really successful. Of course, I also hope to make friends along the way.

Reach me through any of the following social media – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin. You find me easily under my name “Rossella Pruneti”.

Keep in touch!


(1) In 1995 I got a degree in Philosophy at the Università degli Studi di Firenze.

(2) I am a certified mental coach at several institutes and a certified consultant at the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. I have several personal trainer and master trainer certifications in Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Pilates.

(3) I competed in the IFBB as a bodybuilder, bodyfitness, women’s physique athlete from 1992 through 2015. I was also an international IFBB judge.