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Give a Boost To Yourself with Your Perfect Elevator Speech

The problem is not a perfect elevator speech – it is to have one indeed!

I flunked at it. So bad, that I do not want to be without a perfect elevator speech now. I got down to business. My result is here. My insights are below.

Elevator or… Where Else?

You need this speech in many other occasions than a brief ride on an elevator. Just imagine you have been added to a Facebook Group or you meet somebody special at a party.

Elevator Speech Outlines

Brief introduction.

Hello, I’m so happy to meet you. My name is….

Hi, This is….. Nice meeting you.

2-3 sentences about what you do.

I’m a ……..

I work in……….. field/team/area.

2-3 sentences about how you are important to the listener/how the listener can improve/fell different/change thanks to you

I sell…….

I have some ideas about…….

I would love to tell you about my ideas/goods/services.

Conclusion: how to keep in tough and greetings

Here’s my contact imfo/my business card/my cell phone.

I look forward to speaking with you again.

Timing – It Won’t Be Long to Get to the Floor!

It is 3 minutes. You don’t have a timer in front of you, but you know that it amounts to:

One brief introduction with a greeting and your name.

2-3 brief sentences about what you do.

   Tip: Includes at least 1-2 interesting details about yourself. You must paint an image in the other’s mind.

2-3 brief sentences about how you are important to the listener.

One brief conclusion with an opportunity to meet your listener again and another greeting before leaving.

I would love to connect with you all through Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and my newsletter!

How do You Give Your Contact Infos?

If you did a perfect elevator speech, painting the right images in the other’s mind, they want to know more about you/see you again/keep in touch with you.

Back then, you would give a business card. To date?

What you need is to continue your conversation in the future.

When? It doesn’t matter if soon or not. Do have a way to get your contact.

Have your smartphone on hand.

Get Inspired

Search online examples of elevator speech.

Stop your searches, relax, connect with your inner self and ask yourself: who I am and what do I care for? How do I want people see me?

Write It Down

You need to write it down to hone it and to memorize it. It is essential you read it aloud many times. Nothing helps you in revising It more than reading it aloud.

Practice It!

When you have finished creating your elevator speech, submit it to somebody you trust to review.

Tweak it as necessary, and then practice it in front of a mirror. Practice it till you act it out like it is an usual conversation.

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